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Asbestos brake pads


   Asbestos brakes have been common in drum brakes sinc […]

   Asbestos brakes have been common in drum brakes since asbestos fibers are characterized by high strength and high temperature resistance up to 316 ° C, so they meet the requirements of brake pads and clutch discs and liners, and it is cheap to extract its ore Resources are extremely rich.
   But why asbestos brake pads have been extinct? Because in recent years it has been found that asbestos has potential harm, asbestos has been confirmed by the medical profession is carcinogenic substances, the needle-like fiber is easy to enter the lungs and stay, resulting in stimulation, and ultimately lead to the occurrence of lung cancer, but the disease latency Can be up to 15-30 years.
   Of course, asbestos brakes have an important flaw that turns people into new materials to replace it. As the asbestos itself is insulated, thermal conductivity is particularly poor, so after repeated braking in the brake will focus on the accumulation of a lot of heat, and then we will often produce serious heat attenuation, and even brake failure. This is not obvious for urban driving, but it is fatal to high-speed vehicles.

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