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A Deep Understanding of Brake Rotors II


All that sounds pretty good, right? Unfortunately, with […]

All that sounds pretty good, right? Unfortunately, with the good, we have the bad as well. As you may have considered at the outset, having a rotor full of holes means that the brake rotors are weakened and after a bit of stressful driving, the brake rotors can crack. Keeping an eye on the condition of your brake rotors is key if you are considering installing performance drilled rotors onto your vehicle.

The second most popular high-performance brake rotor is the slotted rotor. These brake rotors have slots carved into their surfaces which allows gas, water and heat to move away from the surface just as the drilled rotors do. These slots look like little irrigation ditches along the surface of the rotor, moving the unwanted things that cause stopping difficulty away from the rotor surface. These sorts of rotors are very popular with drivers of performance cars, because they do a lot of high-stress driving and because of this, drilled rotors tend to crack too easily. Slotted rotors tend to be more durable, making them a better choice for performance driving.

The downside of slotted rotors? They eat up brake pads. Unless you're into performance racing and are planning to put a lot of braking stress onto your vehicle, odds are the cost in brake pads will not be worth the rotor longevity of slotted rotors.

Clearly, the only one who can decide which performance rotor is best for your vehicle is you. You know the type of driving you do on a daily basis and as such you know best about the type of stress you put on your brakes. Speaking with your mechanic or auto parts dealer can help you make an educated decision when it comes to which rotor suits your need best.

Because slotted performance rotors tend to wear brake pads down really fast, performance vehicles that are manufactured for street driving typically come equipped with drilled rotors. Day to day driving, which is inherently less stressful than performance racing, doesn't stress out the brake rotors as much which often makes drilled performance rotors a better choice for average drivers.

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